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~ Effective Massage & Bodywork for your Active, Pain-free & Youthful Lifestyle ~

Solution-oriented Massage & Bodywork
Providing every client with a fully-customized, natural and effective solution. 

Our goal: to deliver massage & bodywork that are beyond the expectation of each client.  To achieve this, we offer: Therapeutic, Sports, Pregnancy, Serenity (relaxation) and Rejuvenating (detox) services among other things.

A key to the longer-lasting comfort lies in a full-custom massage & bodywork incorporating a variety of suitable massage/bodywork modalities and techniques, specifically addressing issues of each client.  

"No pain, no gain" philosophy does not belong here,  even for our deep tissue work.  When your muscles are properly warmed up and techniques suitable for your conditions are applied, you should feel no more than a pleasant "good pain."  We use our Signature Blend of Techniques to prepare your body for deeper pressure.   

We also believe that you should not experience much soreness or discomfort days following the administration, even after a deep tissue work.  

With an optimum massage/bodywork, the pain or discomfort that is prominent prior to the session should be reduced significantly and a sizable range of motion should be attained by the end of the session. We aim to provide you with a lasting freedom from that prominent pain.  

For a relaxing and rejuvenating experience, we offer Body Scrub & Wrap, Facial Cupping, Lymph Drainage and other fabulous services. 

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Sakura Shibata-Pickford
CEO, Healing Energy & Body Works
Massage Geek
~ Full-Custom Massage/Bodywork 
for your Active, Pain-free & Youthful Lifestyle ~
Orange County, California

Phone & Text: (714) 222-9275
Board Certified in Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork (BCTMB#703757)
Certified Massage Therapist in California (CAMTC#20876)
Certified Member of Associated Bodywork & Massage Professionals
Member of American Massage Therapy Association


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